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Black Premium Matcha

Black Premium Matcha weight loss is the unique and premium product of MatchaStory. We make it accessible to our special customers

Harvested season: Blend of first-picked(late May till mid-June) and second-picked leaves(late June till mid-July)

Harvested place: Wazuka, Uji

Plant varieties: Yabukita

Black Premium Matcha is an advanced level for Matcha lover.

With a very slight bitterness and strong sweetness aftertaste, it gives you a feeling of relaxing, stress removal.

The color of black, some people have bad impressions of the black.

On the other side, the darkness of black can absorb any matter, whenever you encounter an obstacle in your life, the Black Premium Matcha can take away your stress, reward you with a state of calmness, recharge with a fresh mind to keep you going.

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