Christmas Sale Package

Pure Green Supreme Matcha

Pure Green Supreme Matcha boost because we prepare it with care, and it has too many benefits including weight loss and activeness so you should try it once.

Harvested season: First-picked leaves(late May till mid-June)

Harvested place: Uji, Joyo, Wazuka

Plant varieties: blend of Okumidori and Yabukita

The Green Supreme Matcha is the high-end quality matcha.

With a rich earthy-taste and very mild bitterness, it is one of the top quality of matcha, gives you a high awareness of the day to complete your everyday goal.

The color of green represents natural and Go. The color of Gold represents high status. The Green Supreme Matcha will boost up your energy and awareness, to help achieve your self-actualization, to reach the higher self.

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