About Matcha Story Limited

About Matcha Story

Matcha tea is a typical green tea variety well known for its health properties. The beverage rich in vitamins, minerals and rich anti-oxidants is a real energy booster and the effect is felt for hours after the tea is being entirely consumed. Matcha is a tea variety which is being yielded from top quality green tea and contains more health benefits than its counterparts.

Here at Matcha Story, we supply only the highest quality and finest tasting Matcha Green Tea your taste-buds have ever chanced upon. With a guarantee of being purely organic, all natural, and irresistibly enjoyable, our Matcha will leave you in a state of pure, zen-bliss.

Organic Natural Matcha Powder

From the lot Japan has to offer, we've picked the highest-quality traditional Japanese organic Matcha Green Tea available to you. With no grassy or bitter aftertaste, our Matcha surpasses other brands. Our Matcha Green Tea Powder is loaded with 10 times more powerful antioxidants than the normal green tea. This is very important as antioxidants are known to repair and protect against cellular damage.

Behind Matcha Story

Matcha Story was founded by Zakary Chan in 2017. Jeremy graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science, but has broad knowledge in nutrients and human chemistry. His expert knowledge about Matcha and his willingness towards helping people fuelled his passion for starting this business. His vision in the nearest future is to work with nutritionists to innovate new products by blending the ingredients of Matcha and other organic resources (e.g. masks, new types of matcha-drinks etc) to serve greater purposes for people. Matcha Story is based in Hong Kong and ships products worldwide.

Introducing Matcha Tea

Matcha is a Japanese term which literally means "powdered tea". It originated from Japan and is often used in royal tea ceremonies. Matcha is a special type of green tea powder where the whole leaf is consumed unlike other teas that only produce the brew after soaking the loose leaves in boiling water. Hence, you take maximum advantage of the health elements present in the plant.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Every time you drink Matcha tea, you are ingesting tons of rich nutrients into your body because you consume the whole leaf and not just the brewed water. Fiber, antioxidants and chlorophyll are some of the alimentary elements present in Matcha which, upon intake, can improve your health astoundingly. It is a sugar-free drink ideal for diabetics and Matcha tea drinkers are less likely to have high blood sugar levels.

Matcha green tea powder may very well be the finest grade of tea in the world, but don't get too excited as it is hard to find the highest grade of Matcha outside Japan. The conducive environment to grow Matcha is not easily found in other countries. However, don't be dismayed as high-quality Matcha tea can be delivered to you by us anywhere in the world.

Matcha Story personally welcomes you to the exciting world of Matcha. We deliver well stocked quality selection of Matcha tea for your consumption at home, work or play. We have a resolute commitment to our product, and confidently believe it is the best you are yet to see.