About Matcha Story Limited

Matcha tea powder

We may not be the cheapest, but we provide the quality.

Our company has invested in the Tea Garden in Kyoto. The japanese green tea of the Garden is the most strictly selected 'first picked tea' grown in Uji, the region that is famous for its high quality tea among Japan. 

Our Japanese tea products are 100% made in Uji- Kyoto, where is considered a home of Japanese green tea by the historical background. And because our partners are based in Kyoto and made to order, we are able to supply the very factory-fresh quality tea to the worldwide customers unlike other competitors. 

- Organic powdered Japanese Matcha green tea

- 100% first-picked Kyoto Uji tea leaf

- Proudly made in Kyoto, Japan


Japanese matcha green tea

powdered Matcha Green Tea by Kyoto Tea Garden, is made only from the most carefully selected "first-picked tea" grown in Uji region famous for its high quality tea among all the various brands in Japan.

First-picked tea, or shincha, comes from the first buds of the year. KYO SHIZUKU is made to order, guaranteeing its fresh taste. KYO SHIZUKU brings out the luxurious, delicate taste, and deep aroma that Uji tea is famous for.

KYO SHIZUKU meets JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) requirements. Tea shipped overseas meets the standards set by each country, safety assured. The product is manufactured in an ISO9001-certified factory and subjected to rigorous quality controls. 


Growing plants for matcha great tea

Matcha is made from tea leaves grown in the shade for 20 days under reed or straw screens. Instead of being steamed and hand-rolled, the leaves are left to dry, and then ground into a fine powder using stone mills. It is famous as the main tea used in the tea ceremony, and is also an ingredient for sweets and cooking.

KYO NAGOMI: Genmaicha

Genmaicha is made from steamed and later roasted brown rice, where another kind of tea such as Bancha or Sencha is added to the mix in equal amounts. It allows you to enjoy the toasty flavor of brown rice and the refreshing taste of Bancha or Sencha. Because it’s rather low in caffeine, it can be enjoyed both by children and adults alike.