What is Matcha

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Its all about health benefits. Discover the preparation of  matcha green tea powder & traditional Japanese drink for Health! so this is all about what is matcha

Are you one of those who has great concern about your health? Maybe, you have already heard about the health benefits of matcha. Thus, if you love drinking tea, the matcha is perfect for you.

With the increased consciousness of people of the proper way of taking care of themselves, they came up with the idea of consuming healthy food. Good thing, the health benefits of matcha were discovered. And today, more people are consuming matcha powder for them to obtain the healthy body they are working on.

So, what exactly is matcha?

Matcha is considered to be high quality green tea. It comes in a powder which you can simply whisk into the hot water. The start of the consumption of the matcha green tea powder was traced back during the Japanese tea ceremony. Now, matcha tea powder became popular ingredients of beverages such as boba tea and tea lattes or cooking ingredient or salad dressing and ice cream.

How Matcha Differs From Other Teas

After you discover what is matcha, you need to discover how matcha green tea is different from other teas. Although matcha green tea powder also came from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, the way it is being cultivated or processed is far different. 

When steaming matcha leaves, you need to pluck the leaves within hours in order to bring out its rich green color as well as halt the process of oxidation. That way you will achieve the vegetal and sweet flavor.

During matcha production, the newest matcha spring buds and leaves are being hand-plucked. This simply means that the production is quite limited. 

By means of shading, you will be able to boost the chlorophyll production. Thus, if there is lack of sunlight, there will be lack of photosynthesis. As a result, caffeine levels will naturally occur.

Unlike the traditional green tea, matcha can be laid flat until it dries and then, became tencha. Tencha leaves will be stripped from its veins and stems. And, the remaining leaves are ground with the use slow-turning stone mills. 

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha contains the high concentrations of EGCG which can help you convert stored fat into energy. Thus, it can help you decrease the formation fat cells. 

You can achieve a healthy skin with the help of matcha powder. The antioxidants and EGCG it contains can reduce the risk of free radicals and inflammations.

The catechins found in matcha green tea can help you lower the LDL cholesterol. If you are going to regularly consume matcha tea, you will prevent the risk of stroke and high blood pressure. So, you get no worry about the health of your heart.

The next time you will take a sip of matcha green tea, you already have the idea of its health benefits. Thus, it will help you appreciate more the importance of regularly consuming green tea. That way you will stay fit and free from any health problems.